The Wuhan Virus

The Wuhan Virus

This is a comedy in which our actions as a nation caused by the Wuhan virus are satirized. We were all touched by the virus. Mick and Carol Maux (pronounced "Mouse") are a husband & wife team that work together on unusual cases. Mick is a renouned scientist. He's eccentric, and sees the word differently than most. Carol is logical and beautiful. The two of them form a unique synergy.

The President invites Mick and Carol to Washington to help to discover the cause of the virus, and hopefully, to cure it. They work together with Dr. Grouchi, who is a vampire that was infected by the disease - a vampire that starts to feed on Mick. Mick works to save himself, and Mick and Carol work to save the world.

Mick and Carol take a serious look at a number of issues. And frankly, it's a hoot! Guaranteed to entertain, and to provoke thought.

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