The Seer, the Medium, and the Devil

The Seer, the Medium, and the Devil

While “The Seer, the Medium, and the Devil” is an intriguing murder mystery, it also involves he occult. It ends with thoughts about the inherently dual nature of faith.

Sibyl the Seer sees a murder taking place in the future. Sibyl is a witch in a modern coven of seven women. She doesn’t know the victim, can’t see the killer, and doesn’t know where or when the murder takes place. Sibyl comes to Mick and Carol Maux for help. Mick is an eccentric scientist who sees the world a little differently, and Carol is a beautiful pragmatist. Together, they’re known for being able to solve crimes that others can’t. Can Mick and Carol determine what will happen, and prevent the murder?

Santa Videl is an aging fight promoter who recruits three young accomplished men to become professional wrestlers. Each has an intriguing romantic interest. Santa has a middle-aged son named Santa Videl, and a young grandson named Santa Videl. Are any of them really the Devil? (Consider the anagrams of his name.)

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