Murder at the Met

Murder at the Met

Mick Maux (pronounced “Mouse”) is an eccentric scientist. He’s hired by Peter Pettanko, a Wall Street billionaire who lives in a mansion on the Connecticut coast. Pettanko’s wife – Titiana Prosperosa, a glamorous fashion model – has gone missing. Pettanko wants her found.

As Mick leaves the Pettanko estate, he sees the beautiful Titiana driving into the estate in her Porsche. Her passenger is a Tibetan monk wearing yellow robes. That night, Pettanko dies. Mick’s talents are sought in figuring out how Pettanko died, who the monk is, and where Titiana had gone.

This leads to the great world of modern art, where Western masterpieces are stolen from museums and sold into a multimillion dollar market China. This has been a growing industry among the very rich. Mick and his wife Carol unravel several mysteries, solve the case, and leave you with some interesting thoughts.

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