A Pair of Identical Murders

A Pair of Identical Murders

On his way home from the store, Mick comes across a car behind a building that has a dead guy in it. He's just been shot. Mick calls his friends at the police station, and goes home. When the cops arrive, they find the scene exactly as Mick had described it, except with a different dead guy. Now Mick is their prime suspect! Can Mick solve the crime before the police take him in for murder?

In this comic mystery, there’s more than one “who’s on first” routine, and plenty of word play. Allusions to Maux’s inventions factor into the plot significantly, but they also highlight Maux’s eccentricities, making him distinctive in a world of pistol-packing tough guys. Making good use of allusions, references, and sub-references, Maux moves quickly from one action encounter to another. It’s loaded with social commentary on matters as disparate as mathematics and ballet, evolution and poker. Fast-moving and often fun, Mickey Maux Muddles a Murder is a puzzler that pleases.

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